Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct R.M.I. Global Logistic Services

R.M.I. is committed to conduct its business according to the highest legal and ethical standards. This means that all employees, working for or on behalf of R.M.I., are expected to follow these standards rigorously. If an employee discovers a breach or attempt of breach of these standards he is expected to report this to his management.

These standards comprise a.o. the respect for human rights in all actions that are necessary to establish the service that R.M.I. is offering to its customers. 

This means that R.M.I. expects from all its employees and its service partners to execute his/her task, without harming the fundamental human rights of anyone, such as, but not limited to, the right to:

  • human working conditions and working hours
  • the prohibition of discrimination
  • the freedom of association
  • the prohibition of working under the minimum age required by law

Simultaneously R.M.I is committed to follow fair business practices and business ethics and it expects also from its employees to report any breach of those standards. This includes, but is not limited to practices of:

  • corruption and bribery
  • conflicts of interest
  • fraud
  • money laundering
  • anti-competitiveness

This means, in everyday practice, that whenever an employee discovers an undesirable practice, or when he is not certain if some conduct is acceptable or not according to the R.M.I.policy he should report and/or seek advice with regard to this practice. This could be, for example, when during a visit of a cleaning depot it is discovered that children are employed to clean the inside of the tanks. Or, as another example, if an employee is subject to an attempt to influence him by means of gifts, money or other favors with the intent to influence the decision of R.M.I. to decide to work with a certain party

Also, in some countries it is still not unusual for people to influence the decision of officials by means of favors or gifts. It can even be that the very opportunity to obtain business in some areas are dependent on it. R.M.I. wants to state very clearly that it condemns these kind of practices and that they should be reported if they occur at once.

Furthermore there is the possibility of misuse of information that can harm the company or the values that it stands for. Information can be explicitly or subconsciously misused to influence business deals and change the neutrality of competitive relations. It can also be misused to benefit to people with a criminal or terrorist design. R.M.I. employees should be aware of that risk and act accordingly. Information on business contracts, prices, products and addresses for example can only be distributed when strictly necessary and allowed

Bad practices with regard to this policy can occur in all departments and at all levels of the company. However, because R.M.I. considers that its employees in the Sales and Sourcing department are among the most exposed to attempts of bad business practices R.M.I. asks those employees to expressly take note of these guidelines and to subscribe to their maintenance.